Plagued by Stolen Intellectual Property

Millions Sold: Online Marketplaces Allow Sale of Counterfeit Baby Products


Tampa, FL: Intellectual property stolen from Crescent Womb is currently sold on multiple trusted online marketplaces. Since Crescent Womb’s launch in 2016, knock-off baby wombs, created by Chinese manufacturers, are generating $2,000,000+ in revenue. Not only is the future of Crescent Womb in jeopardy, but overall baby safety.

“A very concerned parent reached out about a “Crescent Womb” purchase. When it arrived, it was nothing like what they saw on the internet. The counterfeit was manufactured with low quality, single layer fabric and metal with spring-loaded buckles, which pose a choking hazard. Calls like this started coming in daily. Not only were these companies stealing our patent and photos, they hijacked our customer service line too,” explains Crescent Womb’s CEO, James Spencer.

Among the stolen intellectual property includes patent protected design, trademark protected name (“Crescent Womb”) and branded media content (including photos, descriptions and search terms). Crescent Womb urges consumers considering a purchase of a womb product to check the manufacturer and their listed information.

Identified counterfeit manufacturers include:

  • Baby Kim Crib Womb Bassinet
  • Autbye Enhanced Baby Hammock
  • Love Truly Newborn Baby Hammock

To date, there are over 200 active counterfeit listings and counting. No action has been taken to cure this infringement.

About Crescent Womb: Crescent Womb is an innovative start-up out of Tampa Bay, FL whose patented sleep product specializes in promoting healthy development in infants. Crescent Womb is Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) compliant, fully insured by Markel Insurance Company, and protected via USPTO Pat No. 9,943,175.