ALWAYS USE CRESCENT WOMB AS DIRECTED. NEVER USE CRESCENT WOMB ON A DROPSIDE CRIB OR A CRIB WITH INCOMPLETE CONSTRUCTION. Crescent Womb is a safe and comfortable place for babies to sleep in and is ideal for safely easing the transition into crib sleeping.

Use the for adjustable straps to attach to the for corners of your crib. ALWAYS use and infant certified crib to attach. NEVER attach to other furniture or objects.

  1. Installation
    1. Loosen straps and attach to the Crescent Womb portable frame or the four corners of your child’s crib. When installing in a crib be sure that straps are attached around the side and over the top of the crib bars.
    2. Once attached, tighten straps until Crescent Womb is taut. Be sure straps are pulled tight, but even, from all four corners. There should be no slack.
    3. Secure safety strap: pull excess strapping through orange loop and secure over the male end of the buckle.
    4. Wrap the excess strapping around the straps between the buckle and the crib/portable frame around the strap loop until the excess is tightly wound around and then use the velcro attach to itself. This will prevent any slippage of the strap through the buckle and keep excess strapping away from children and infants.

Crescent Womb has been tested to CPSC safety standards by third party labs. All of our testing facilities are federally recognized and have A2LA accreditation. In addition to federally required compliance testing we have engaged in focus groups with countless moms and medical professionals throughout our product development. Prior to being released to the public Crescent Womb has also been field tested by parents and babies.

Crescent Womb™ is meant for early infancy. Newborns can use Crescent Womb from birth and babies typically begin transitioning into a crib or toddler bed before 6 months of age. Please reference our Recommended Use Page.

Crescent Womb™ is intended for babies approximately 5lbs-25lbs, although it has been weight tested to support in excess of 50 lbs.

Crescent Womb itself is 21 inches wide x 43 inches long, but the straps add an additional 14 inches of adjustable length to accommodate larger cribs.

The baby should be always be placed with their head towards the top (skinnier end) and and feet at the bottom (wider end) of the mesh portion. Additionally, the infant should be placed in the center of the inner mesh, both vertically and horizontally centered. This will further promote even weight distribution and give the baby a comforting sense of enclosure, similar to swaddling.

Crescent Womb™ should only be attached to a certified infant crib or toddler bed. It can also be used with the Crescent Womb™ frame. Always make sure that the attach structure is on a flat, firm surface.

Yes, the Crescent Womb has effectively helped many babies suffering from reflux. Consult with your pediatrician about adjusting your baby’s sleep environment.

The first few months of a baby’s life are a major transition and growth period. So much so it’s often referred to as the “fourth trimester”. Newborns are still very much adjusting to life outside the womb. Supporting them with a soothing, familiar environment will also help soothe a colicky baby.

The startle or “moro” reflex is a natural reflex for babies during early infancy. While this reflex is common, some babies can startle themselves awake during sleep. Crescent Womb™ can help newborns self-soothe and prevent them from waking up due to the unique shape and function. As a result, you can expect a more restful sleep for both baby and parent.

Crescent Womb is manufactured from Military grade nylon, is naturally flame retardant, and free of any hazardous chemicals.

Crescent Womb is a naturally flame retardant, safe sleeping surface.

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Crescent Womb has a complete, no questions asked, 1-year warranty on all craftsman ship.

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Crescent Womb has a no questions asked return policy for un-used products up to thirty days from the ship date. For more information, follow the link HERE.

Shipping takes 3-5 days for anywhere in the continental United States. One week for Alaska and Hawaii. International orders typically take 10 business days for delivery, depending on customs policy.

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Yes, feel free to change colors up to 30 days from your ship date.

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Only use your Crescent Womb as directed, in a CPSC approved crib or a Crescent Womb frame, with the proper age/size infant.

Yes, the permeated mesh reduces the risk of asphyxiation and increases air circulation which helps regulate baby’s body temperature and increase comfort.

No, Crescent Womb is intended for use by one infant at a time.

Please follow these helpful links on safe sleep:


Our fabric is a nylon fiber that is naturally flame retardant and safe for babies. It has been fully tested to CPSC standards as well as prop 65 regulations.

Folding up to the size of the average baby blanket and weighing about the same, Crescent Womb® is perfect to travel with for new families. Being able to travel with your Crescent Womb means that your baby will have a consistent sleeping pattern, regardless of where your travels take you.


For small spills wipe clean with warm water/add a gentle baby friendly soap if necessary. Be sure material is dry before use. For larger spills and unsanitary bodily fluids put in washing bag and machine wash delicate, air dry or dry on low heat.

Rest. Assured.