The Beginning

Our Birth

Necessity is the mother of invention, at least that was the case after the birth of my daughter, Stella. Stella was the most amazing thing to happen to me, but with this miracle came fear; the same fear that all new parents feel.

But fear is only rational if it is unavoidable, and from that an idea was born. Just as a baby grows in a mother’s womb, an idea began its infancy in my head. This idea became a mission, a mission to help not only my beautiful daughter Stella thrive but to also help every other beautiful new life thrive.

By designing an infant sleeper that removes avoidable risks associated with early infancy, I slept easier as a new father, and as a 22-year-old student with a newborn, anything that helped me sleep better was a godsend.

After realizing I could actually help people with this crazy idea, my mission became deeper. I wanted to disrupt complacency and I wanted to help a new generation get a head start. More importantly, I hoped that Crescent Womb could be the catalyst to a more intimate, natural, and safe approach to early childcare.

I hope this product can bring a sense of relief to all new parents, just like it did for me, and help their little ones thrive, just like it did for Stella.

Thank you,

James Spencer



Once we have children, our main focus is their happiness. The first step we can take is creating an environment for them to thrive in. This was the catalyst behind Crescent Womb and remains our mission to this day.


Through our prototyping we discovered that we had the ability to disrupt an industry. With our simple, affordable, and versatile design, we’re able to challenge the status quo, while at the same time making this product available to every family.


Crescent Womb is engineered to soothe babies, while at the same time, help them grow and keep them safe. Knowing your child is in the optimal environment takes a lot of stress off new parents. Less stress for baby and parent equals more time for the beautiful moments that accompany new parenthood.