Even better than obvious benefit of being able to retrofit just about any crib or bed or pack and play, Crescent Womb® is heavily focused on health and safety. Crescent Womb was designed to comfortably support your child as if being held, reduce tears, and improve sleep for baby and parent.

The breathable, elastic material helps baby self-soothe while eliminating many of the enviormental factors that have been linked with SIDS. It's a winning combination.

Read the ever-growing list of benefits medical professionals and real parents like you have found while using Crescent Womb® (read more)

  • Babies breathe easier and get more oxygen to developing vital organs. Easy breathing and more oxygen promote infant growth by freeing up calories and energy that can be used for development.

  • Not only does it speed up muscle development but also speeds up the development of nerve cells that control the muscles. 

  • Leads to rapidly developing motor skills.

  • Helps with digestion and prevents reflux.

  • Makes it easier for babies to maintain a healthy body temperature by preventing temperature exposure to arteries.

  • Helps hip development and prevents hip dysplasia.