Anxious Parents Need Solutions, not Recalls:
(Baby Start-Up Offers Relief to Users of Fisher Price Rock and Play)

Heather M. White

Crescent Womb


St. Petersburg, FL: Crescent Womb offers the patented Crescent Womb Safe Sleep Bassinet to families at cost (50% off MSRP + free shipping). This comes in the wake of the total recall of Fisher Price’s “Rock and Play” sleeper, and the 39 reported infant deaths resulting from the use of the “Rock and Play”. Crescent Womb reduces the risks of suffocation, over-heating, and positional asphyxiation- three of the leading causes of death related to the Rock N Play recall.

“We understand that parents have put their faith in the rock n play and are looking for a solution. We are here to let them know they have a choice. With Crescent Womb, families don’t have to sacrifice comfort for safety.” James Spencer, Founder

Crescent Womb’s patented design is trusted and used by medical professionals including Shiners Pediatric Hospitals (Greenville, SC) and Compressive Women’s Health Center (Gainesville). Crescent Womb has helped thousands of newborns sleep safely and comfortably through the night.

Current users of the Rock N Play can receive an exclusive recall promo code (50% off MSRP + free shipping) from Crescent Womb by messaging our team on or emailing

Crescent Womb is an innovative start-up working to disrupt industry complacency through socially conscious innovation. The Crescent Womb Bassinet is a cost effective, ergonomic, sleep system that guarantees baby’s safety and comfort.


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