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Crescent Womb™ the first + only infant support bed ensuring the highest level of comfort, peace, and security for baby and parents. Utilizing a patented design and non-toxic materials, our sleep system comfortably supports your little one and allows them to self-soothe, creating the safest possible environment for them outside of your arms. Crescent Womb ergonomically cradles babies to decrease pressure, increase airflow, and eliminate stress. 

Our product innovation and development has lead us to research grant opportunities with the National Science Foundation and pending FDA approval, coming in 2022. 

Research Based Solutions

According to the World Health Organization 3 million infant deaths annually could be avoided with simple, low cost solutions.

Awareness is the first step towards change. Our number one priority is to educate on the topic of infant health and safety. We have gone through rigorous testing to make sure we are providing you with the safest and most effective solutions available. In addition to exceeding all consumer safety standards our products are trusted for use by medical professionals, including Shriners Hospital and the Virginia Department of Health.

However, always be aware of counterfeit or copy cat products, which have not been tested for safety. 

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Crescent Womb is exclusively available here. You may come across a product similar to ours or appears to Crescent Womb. Please let us know because this is likely an infringement and could be dangerous for your child if not made properly. If you email us a screenshot of the product and where it's being sold, we will give you a discount to show our appreciation! We value our customers and even more we value the safety of our children. Removing these dangerous products from the web will make a REAL difference for global consumer safety.

Report an Infringement

Press + Praise


"a Florida father has invented an infant safety bed in an effort to provide his infant daughter with a secure, sleep-friendly environment."

"The most innovative infant sleeper on the market. "

"A Florida father has invented an infant safety bed in an effort to provide his infant daughter with a secure, sleep-friendly environment."

"Seminole father invents Crescent Womb to keep infants safe while they sleep"

10 genius products for parents, invented by parents

"The Crescent Womb isn't just a mini-hammock for your baby's crib: by recreating some aspects of the womb, it can help minimize the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome."

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