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“I purchased this product for my great nephew and he seems to really like it! I love the fact that I can just reach under it to pat his backside with ease when he gets a lil fussy! This is such an awesome product!!! I’ve been telling all my friends and coworkers that are becoming new mommies about it!”


“This is our first baby so not much to compare to except other parents stories of sleepless babies. Since our first day home our baby has slept though the night, maybe it’s the baby, but we both think it’s the crescent womb!! She loves it and we are both totally at ease every. Ought knowing the baby is safe and happy!!”


“The Crescent Womb made sleep in the early days so much easier, and the transition to the crib at around 3 months was a breeze since she was already used to being in there. Awesome product!”


“The Crescent Womb was a big help for us for the first couple of months of my daughter’s life. She had reflux issues, and had a very difficult time lying flat on her back to sleep. This product allowed us to put her to sleep safely on her back, in her crib, but gave her just enough elevation so that her reflux was not too irritating for her (and us!) to get some much needed sleep!”


“We love our Crescent Womb! Not only does it save my back when I pick up and put down baby (I don’t have to bend over so far), the little one loves to sleep through the night in it!”


“The crescent womb makes me feel SO much better about having my baby in his own crib!”


“We are very happy with the Crescent Womb! It helped our 8 week old sleep through the night!”


“Bought for our grandbaby, we have 5 adult children, they all now say “the hammock” needs to be bought for each family.”


“We love the concept and it is easy to travel with.”


“I love that crescent womb comes in different colours!”


“Babes been sleeping through the night since we put him in the crescent womb! Love it!”


“I loved knowing that my baby was safe while sleeping.”


“While I didn’t receive my Crescent Womb directly from Amazon, I did receive it directly from the supplier/creator. It is pretty amazing if I do say so myself. My gassy/refluxy 5 week old won’t sleep anywhere else besides my chest and her Crescent Womb. This thing has been a life savor and a sleep restorer for us. Sometimes when she’s cranky I’ll just set her in it awake and she calms right down. The positioning is perfect, she doesn’t appear to have any issues moving as needed or breathing and it’s super breathable so she doesn’t get overheated. I highly recommend it as a sleep solution.”

“I ordered directly from the company in November. It did take a while to arrive, but that was expected, as they noted it was on backorder. My son was a bit shy of three months old when it arrived, and he’s been sleeping in it for about a month and a half now. It has been a godsend. Before this, he would only sleep in his boppy lounger (requiring supervision because of suffocation risk) or being held. After two nights in this, we had a great routine down, and though he still only rarely sleeps all the way through the night, he can soothe himself back to sleep in this and sleeps MUCH longer per stretch. This also gives me peace of mind as a first-time mom who stresses out about all the safety and suffocation risks. Installation was very easy, and he has preferred it being set at a level where his back is in contact with his crib mattress, and that seems to be preparing him to sleep in the crib without this once he outgrows it–now he can fall asleep and stay asleep on flat surfaces like his play gym mat. If you have a baby who is not sleeping well in a crib, I highly recommend this.”


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