Baby Proofing! Baby Proof Your House In 4 Simple Stages:


Check the Crib:

    • Make sure baby’s crib is free of any loose blankets, bumpers, pillows, or stuffed animals to ensure safe sleep 
    • Make sure baby’s crib adheres to all safety standards
Anchor Furniture to the Wall:
    • Anchor any tv’s, furniture, or large objects to the wall so they are nice and secure
Install Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors:
    • Install any detectors that your home does not already have to ensure the safest space for your little one


Cover Electrical Outlets:
    • Make sure all electrical outlets below counter height are covered 
Install Baby Gates / Latches 
    • Gate off any areas where you don’t want your baby to wander off to  


Remove Sharp Objects:

    • Remove any sharp objects from countertops and move any breakables to an out of reach location
    • Think of putting latches on silverware drawers, so your little one cannot reach sharp utensils
Secure Doors to Off Limits Areas:
    •  This may include cellars, garages, basements, etc.



    • See if you think your child is ready to overcome the latches and gates that were put up when they were younger
    • Explain to your child why certain things are dangerous and why you keep them out of reach

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