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Why We Do It

Every year millions of infants fall victim to unsafe sleep. This is unacceptable. 

Crescent Womb is the healthy sleep alternative for your baby; creating the safest environment, outside of your arms. 

Better sleep for your little one, Guaranteed. 

We're honored...

30-Day, Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee

-Relieves Stress for Baby + Parent

-100% Breathable, Patented Design

-CPSC Compliant, Safe for Sleep

The Original, Authentic Guaratee

(US Patent Number: 9,943,175)

PSA: Always purchase a authentic Crescent Womb. Beware of counterfeit products, they can be dangerous for your baby. 

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Our daughter has been incredibly active since day 1 and started rolling onto her belly really young. When we got the crescent womb it let her still be a wiggle worm while relieving our fear of SIDS. We're in love with this product and recommend it to everyone!

Katie Fletcher

What an amazing product! It has been an absolute life saver for our family. Our son had a very difficult time sleeping before Crescent Womb, not anymore. We put him to bed in his Crescent Womb and turn on his favorite ocean sounds and he is out like a light. My wife and I got our first night of full sleep in months.

Marcy Summers

I bought this for my 1month old granddaughter and she slept over 6 hours the first night! She loves it!

Susan Richards