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I loved knowing that my baby was safe while sleeping.

-Regina, 24

Tampa, FL

I purchased this product for my great nephew and he seems to really like it! This is such an awesome product!!! I’ve been telling all my friends and coworkers that are becoming new mommies about it!

-Heather, 61

Albany, NY

The Crescent Womb was a big help for us for the first couple of months of my daughter’s life. She had reflux issues, and had a very difficult time lying flat on her back to sleep. This product made it possible for her (and us!) to get some much needed sleep!

-Lauren, 29

Columbus, OH

The Crescent Womb made sleep in the early days so much easier, and the transition to the crib at around 3 months was a breeze since she was already used to being in there. Awesome product!

-Dani, 33

Manchester, UK

Babes been sleeping through the night since we put him in the crescent womb! Love it!


San Diego, CA


Promoting Healthy Growth… the way Nature Intended

Introducing the most innovative solution for healthy, physical development.

Crescent Womb creates the safest environment for your baby, outside of a parents arms.

By mimicking the natural properties of a mother’s embrace, we developed the optimal conditions to soothe and promote healthy development for babies.

Clinically controlled studies confirm that by providing physical contact, enclosure, and rhythmic movement, young babies, whether term or premature, evidenced significantly improved physical development.

Making these benefits available to every mother and child is our mission.

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