Can Flat Head Syndrome cause Developmental Delays?

Once a parent finds out their infant suffers from Positional Plagiocephaly, also. known as Flat Head Syndrome, their next concern turns how will this affect my baby and how do I help them?

We ask, can Flat Head Syndrome increase risk for cognitive delays and developmental delays? 

Does Flat Head Syndrome affect Brain Development?

There are studies that show that toddlers who had plagiocephaly as infants show cognitive and language delays. Even if the flat head syndrome has been resolved, cognitive delays last beyond infancy. Language delays due to flat head syndrome in infants also last beyond infancy. (Collett)

Cognitive delays in young babies due to flat head syndrome potentially affect brain development through toddlerhood. Flat head prevention is a must for new parents.

Can Flat Head Syndrome cause Developmental Delays?

Developmental delays, including motor skills, have been found in infants with deformational plagiocephaly. When compared with the standardized population, over 25% showed psychomotor or conscious movement delays. (Martiniuk)

Regardless of causation or correlation, a 600% increase of Flat Head diagnosis has occurred since 1992. This leads to costly corrective actions for nearly 47% of infants. 

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