Coping in a Crisis 🧘

For this blog we partnered with Natural Nipple. This blog post is with Rachel Friedman and focuses on the top challenges parents are facing right now and 5 tools to help cope in a crisis! 

  1. Master Self Regulation

Meditation can be a daunting task when not knowing where to start, so how can we make mindful meditation stick?

  • Set aside 3 to 5 minutes a day for meditation - add a minute each day to work up to 20-30 minutes.
  • Neuro-cycling - allow yourself to become aware of your body and thoughts!
  • Acceptance - not all plans made will go accordingly & that’s okay! 
  • Pick 3 things that are manageable & accomplishable, that will nourish you- you can't give from an empty container, take the time to fill yours up first.
  1. Build Self Trust 

Plan in advance to do things for yourself & strive to accomplish them!

  • Work on self discipline - allows you to be there for your kids, partner & self.
  • Learn to believe in yourself!
  1. Set Boundaries

The pandemic has created challenges for everyone, but for children the lack of social interaction has been extremely detrimental. Social interaction is an important factor in childhood development & Due to the guilt parents are feeling about their kids’ unhappiness, boundaries often slip away. 

  • What keeps most parents from setting boundaries? Guilt!
  • Be clear with yourself & others 
  1. Carve Out Time to Manage Expectations

Being a parent, you are always busy & things won't always go as planned. 

  • Stop expecting yourself to be perfect, perfect does not exist!
  • Social media can add more pressure to yourself - let’s eliminate comparison!
  • You can only be your best self when getting in touch & authentic with what needs are coming up for you- communicate them clearly!
  1. Acknowledge What You Did Well

Be proud of where you are in life, it’s about the journey not the destination!

  • Lift yourself up for doing the little things
  • Use affirmations & mantras like “I’m doing the best I can with the resources I have right now!”

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