Crescent Womb receives Patent 9,943,175

Crescent Womb is pleased to announce we are formally patent protected status! 

Crescent Womb, LLC was granted new Pat No. 9,943,175 by the USPTO. The new IP describes an infant safety bed in which young babies have a reduced risk of suffocation and over-heating. The design has also been shown to increase comfort and reduce tears, easing the transition from womb to world. 

To this point Crescent Womb has been predominately used in home nurseries, although Shiners Pediatric hospital (Greenville) has used the product in their facility. “After 3 years of proceedings with the USPTO this is a major step forward for us as we continue to explore potential medical applications for our design” Founder, James Spencer.

This comes in the wake of the huge counterfeiting issue on Amazon Prime- with over 100 counterfeit brands being sold through the platform. This will serve as a tool to protect Crescent Womb but more importantly protect consumers from counterfeit designs that have circumvented required compliance testing.

Stay tuned for new IP coming from from Crescent Womb!

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