Happy Birthday Birth Center What you need to know about CWHFL’s Birth Center

Comprehensive Women's Health of Florida opened their new Birth Center one year ago and we could not be happier for them! This new, all inclusive Birth Center offers support in the natural, physical process of childbirth for new and expecting mothers in the Gainesville area. The Birth Center is staffed by midwives who are trained in helping women through childbirth and provides care for after they have had their baby.

What is Midwifery?

A lot of expecting mothers do not choose to use a midwife when having their baby because they do not know what they do. Well, CWHFL is here to change that narative. Midwifery has been used for centuries and is one of the more natural ways women can have their baby. The midwives at CWHFL offer support during pregnancy and embrace childbirth as a natural physiological process. 


The new Birthing Center is fully equipt with state of the art materials that make women in labor feel right at home as they bring their little one into the world. CWHFL also offers a program to women who give birth at their Birth Center that includes extensive follow up care at their facility for both mom and baby.


This amazing new Birth Center is a wonderful addition to CWHFL’s facility and has already helped bring dozens of  babies into the world!

To learn more about CWHFL and their new Birth Center check out http://cwhfl.com/birth-center/

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