#NurseryInspo Review: Going into the holiday season don't be fooled by dangerous products and nursery tips.

Decorating your baby’s nursery is one of the most exciting moments in preparing for your baby, but it is important to know what is safe for your baby and what could be a potential risk. Instagram and Pinterest show new moms beautiful nurseries that are decorated to the nines, but many unknowingly are filled with hazardous decorations. 

Take, for example, this Nursery:


While this nursery is absolutely stunning, the use of pillows, blankets, and toys in the crib is highly dangerous for an infant. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends and strongly encourages that parents put their child in a crib alone, and lay them on their back  

Take a look at this next nursery:


If you take a look at the crib, you’ll see that there is a small blanket draped over the bottom half of the crib and that there are a few plush animals towards the head of the crib. While blankets and toys are okay for babies to sleep with after their first year of life, it is unsafe while they are still sleep training. 

Nursery Inspo posts and images are a wonderful tool in deciding how parents want to decorate their child’s room, but it is so important to note that not all nurseries are the safest. Learn more about infant safety and how your little one can be sleeping safer at https://crescentwomb.com 

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