Parenting in The Pandemic 🤯

For this blog we partnered with Natural Nipple. This blog post focuses on How to Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids And Be Ok With It.” author Lisa Sugarman. These are her insights on Parenting in the Pandemic. In this episode, she delineates her 8 step process for navigating parenting challenges.  


  1. Embrace/acknowledge

-Mistakes are where the juicy wisdoms lie

-These are your opportunities!


  1. Non-judgement honesty

-First with yourself!


  1. Transparency

-Actively applying honesty with others in an age-appropriate manner

-Deciding to be vulnerable with your support system/family unit


  1. Actively navigating

-Models that it is safe to share emotions and that being scared and uncertain is okay

-Exercising critical thinking


  1. Set healthy boundaries around decision making

-Learn how to “help by not helping”

-You can have empathy and hold space for what your partner and child is going through without jumping to fix things

-This can be empowering and is the pathway to resilience


  1. Create a blueprint for change

-Realizing there are behaviors in yourself you’d like to change is scary and painful

-Leaning into them and exploring how to move away from old patterns is the only opportunity for change

-Avoid comparison like using other families’ journeys as a framework for your decision making doesn’t incorporate your unique set of environment and genetic variables into a parenting playbook

-Find support of people who help you feel good about confidently making autonomous decisions 


  1. Reframe

-Cultivating grace to recognize no decision is fatal!

-Choices that were seen as mistakes often create the opportunity to develop a more value-driven life

-Realizing there are things in yourself you’d like to work on is part of a human, lifelong unlearning


  1. Start over

-We will constantly be evolving through this process, start over again at step one!


You can watch this episode on Youtube pt.1 & 2  or listen on our Podcast!

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