Safe Nursery Set Up

Nursery set up is no game. There are many potential hazards you could expose your baby to if you do not properly research when planning. From sleeping to playing, we have the answers for you. 

Safe Sleep

Safe sleep speaks to how and where your baby sleeps. Given AAD guidelines, make sure to have a crib manufactured after 2011. You should keep a firm, flat mattress in the crib with no stuffed animals, blankets, or pillows. We suggest a Crescent Womb - through its breathable mesh material it provides a safe sleeping space for infants 6 months and under. 

Outlets & Blinds

All electrical outlets should be covered as babies tend to explore as they grow. The best blinds are blacked out and accompanied with short, or better yet, nonexistent cords. Keeping the cords out of reach prevents babies from pulling on them and eliminates strangulation issues. Blackout curtains provide a dark safe space, that ensures a great night’s sleep as well as an easier naptime.


The best toys for a nursery are soft, big, and noisy. Babies love when a new texture is soft. This leads to reduced stress and a happy baby! They should be big enough to avoid choking. The noise builds interest and cognitive development in infants. These toys should be kept in their own space, far away from the inside of the baby’s sleep space.


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