Safe Sun Practices & Fun Outdoor Activities

As the temperature steadily rises each day, one might wonder: what are the best safe sun practices for my baby? 

Under 6 Months

You should try to avoid the sun altogether. Naturally this is somewhat hard to do depending on where you live. The worst times to be outside are from 10am-4pm. If you find it unavoidable to be outside, then make sure to stay in the shade, have your child fully covered (lightweight pants, long sleeves, hat, and shades), do NOT use sunscreen, and pay attention to their demeanor. If you find your child becoming fussy and red make sure to take them inside as soon as possible. 

Over 6 Months

At 6 months you can begin applying sunscreen! The best sunscreen for their vulnerable skin is full of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, as they’re less likely to cause irritation. It is still best to continue to cover your baby up as much as possible. Remember to apply sunscreen at least every two hours, keep your baby hydrated, and watch their demeanor. 

Fun Outdoor Activities

Now that we have safe practices under control, here’s how to make the best of your outside time!

Nature Walk: There are plenty of trails with tons of shade or coverings. A nature walk can introduce different animals and a change of scenery!


Water Play: Create a sensory water bin by filling a plastic container with toys and a couple inches of water. This allows the baby to splash and play as much as they want. Make sure to be able to give the proper amount of supervision before any sort of water play. 


Bubbles: Bubbles are a fun way to engage your baby! If they’re old enough they can have fun trying to pop them. 

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