Trust Your Gut: Using Microbiome Insights to Improve You & Your Babies Health ūü¶†

For this blog we partnered with Natural Nipple. This blog post focuses on microbiome with Lauren Wright. In this episode she characterizes what you can do as a mother to promote healthy gut function along with describing the process here!


What even is a Microbiome?

  • Microbiome - a army of 100 trillion microbial cells that we depend on to stay alive, influencing the way we eat, think, and function
  • It's unique to you!

Factors that Influence the Biome:

  1. Your Mom
  2. Gestation Age
  3. Mode of Delivery 
  4. Feeding: The Most Amazing Thing
  • Breast milk= first life vaccine
  • Nutrients necessary for the good bacterias to grow & reduce the risk of fatal infections
  1. Environmental Exposure 
  2. Genetics 

The Good, the Bad & the Harmless: Microbiome DNA

  • High Risk Bacteria alters mood and immunity
  • High Reward Bacteria heals our body, improves digestion & helps immunity

What is ‚ÄúDysbiosis‚ÄĚ?

  • Caused by an imbalance in your gut & characterized by decreased cell diversity
  • Can contribute to Immune disruption and inflammation due to increased permeability of the gut

Foods that Boost your Biome!

  • Sauerkraut & Kimchi
    • ¬ľ cup
  • Kombucha
    • 8 oz.
  • Yogurt
  • Hard-cheese
  • Red wine

Our Telehealth Services include:

  1. 45 minute tele-health visit with a specialist
  2. At home microbiome stool analysis 
  3. Complete gut microbiome analysis with personalized scores
  4. Recommendation on foods that boost immune-health along with what foods to minimize and avoid
  5. 30 minute consultation with a dietician
  6. 3 months supply of customized probiotics

Personalized to You!

  • We provide an immune-biome analysis via stool analysis
  • We make recommendations by identifying bacteria, reviewing the results & setting a goal for optimizing and improving your gut health!



You can watch this episode on Youtube or listen to our Podcast!

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