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According to the World Health Organization 3 million infant deaths annually could be avoided with simple, low cost solutions.

The patented design of Crescent Womb incorporates uniquely supportive mesh relieving pressure on the infant, alleviating some of the main causes of flat head syndrome and reflux. It also helps the baby to self-soothe after startle reflex, decreasing the chance of waking and interrupting sleep.


Reduce pressure, the contributing factor of infant skull deformities

Crescent Womb decreases pressure by more than 150% compared to a traditional crib mattress or other infant sleeping devices. 

The Back to Sleep campaign in the 1990's aimed to decrease SIDS. However, a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics tells us that Positional Skull Deformity has drastically increased by over 500%. With the rate of Flat Head Syndrome being as high as 48% in infants.

Crescent Womb offers a completely breathable infant support bed that promotes safe supervised comfort for your baby and peace of mind for you. WE AIM TO INSPIRE POSITIVE CHANGE GLOBALLY by partnering with institutions and everyday consumers alike to help spread awareness about the issues every new parent faces and how to prepare for them.

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Soothes infants, especially with reflux and colic symptoms

Crescent Womb is committed to helping both infants and parents more comfort and support. Crescent Womb holds the infant in the preferred safe position on their back while providing a cradling environment and less pressure that is more relaxing for the infant. Mimicking the feeling of being held. We believe our message and products are the catalyst to a more intimate and natural approach to infant care.

Together, we are part of a movement to spread awareness to parents across the world and to provide tangible solutions that make a difference.


How Crescent Womb Infant Support Bed works.

Utilizing a patented ergonomic design and non-toxic materials, our sleep system comfortably supports your little one and allows them to self-soothe, creating the safest possible environment for them outside of your arms.

Crescent Womb is truly the only support system of its kind that provides 360 degrees of air flow promoting temperature control and the elimination of external suffocation risks.


Comfort and Support, focused on safety

Deaths in sitting and carrying devices have increased by 200%. Commonly known as Infant Inclined Sleep Products, like the Fisher Price rock'n play. SIDS diagnosis has decreased. Although, overall infant sleep related deaths have decreased by about 3%, remaining almost the same since the 1990's.

Our mission is to provide products that are thoughtfully researched, quality controlled, and 100% safe for baby. Crescent Womb supports your infant without any incline, dangerous padding, or safety compromise. Crescent Womb is intended for use with infants who have successfully passed a hospital car seat test. Check out our FAQs or call our team at 727 667 BABY to learn more.

Parenting is tough work. With most newborns waking up at least 3 times each night, new parents only get about 4 hours of collective sleep. Not to mention the mountain of diapers, the doctor visits, baby proofing, and the list goes on. That’s why we made Crescent Womb, to offer your family safe comfort, in the form of our patented infant support bed. Crescent Wombs patented design safely mimics the feeling of being held.

Among the extensive list of benefits for your baby, our infant support bed was created to let babies thrive and give parents total peace of mind, knowing that their little ones are safe, secure, and comfortable. Especially in those stressful moments when we all could use a bit of support.

Happiness, guaranteed.

We know you’ll adore our product, but just in case you don’t, you’ve got 30 days to let us know and we’ll make it right!


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