They say everyone has their 15 minutes of fame...

Fox News: Clearwater Dad Invents Product to Combat SIDS

Oh Happy Play: The Most Innovative Infant Sleeper On The Market

Little Gummi: Transitioning From Womb to World

CNBC: (Video) This Portable Bed Prevents Babies From Crying and Helps Reduce Risk of SIDS.

Positively Oakes: Favorite Shop Friday- The One Newborn Product You Need

Home Business Magazine22-Year-Old Student Invents Ergonomic Crib to Promote Healthy Breathing for Newborns

Babyology: The Baby Bed That Mimics The Womb

Kids Safety Network: The New Baby Bed That Mimics The Womb

ABC Actions News: Seminole Man Invents Crescent Womb to Keep Infants Safe While They Sleep

Drool’d: Crescent Womb Is Quite Possibly The Future Of Baby Cribs

83 Degrees: Spark Success Stories: Crescent Womb's Infant Safety Bed

Miami Herald: Man Invents Device To Help Prevent Infant Death While Babies Sleep

It’s Peachy Keen: Crescent Womb #sleep #infantsleep

Inventor Spot: "Crescent Womb" Sleeping Device For Babies May Reduce SIDS

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